what is digital radio and television:
basically what digital radio and television is, are just radio and TV on the internet. It is a newest form of technology used for sending television broadcast to your home. The digital TV has improved picture and sound, and there are more opportunities for programs. (Digital TV broadcasting is sometimes called “digital terrestrial television” (DTT or DTTV).external image moz-screenshot.jpg

pictures of digital television on the computer, and one of the oldest TV's:
external image old-tv-set.jpgexternal image Linutop_DVB-T_digital_TV.jpg

external image moz-screenshot-1.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-2.jpg

We started with the introduction of color TV in 1950s, then in 1980 the transmission of cable television, and now the digital television.
there is a lot of things which makes it better to have digital TV and radio, for TV the most important things is:
- You can receive significantly more TV channels.
- You can put TV channels together into your own individual program, according to your interests.
- You have the convenience of being able to order current top movies from home.
- Top picture and sound quality.
but an important things is also that if you watching it on your computer, then the quality depends on the computer.

and for the radio is the advantage for example that i can listen to danish radio, even if I'm here in Vietnam.
and for radio you can choose a lot more programs just like the TV, and like the TV the quality still depends on your computer and speakers. you can also buy a digital radio which is only a radio, and then you can just set it to the program you want to hear digital, which is much faster and easier, the digital radio doesn't crackle as much as the old normal one.
the first radio came in year 1906, 24th of December. which was very big and heavy, in compared to the small digital ones we can get today.

pictures of a radio as we know them today, and a picture of the first radio:

external image EVOKE3.jpgexternal image radio2.jpg

the thing which makes it so good for us to have these digital televisions and radios today, is that we can watch it, or listen to it, and then know what happens around the world even if we don't have a TV.