Telecommunication is a type of technoloy that allows people all around the world to communicate with each other while sitting on couches at their houses.
Telecommunication is the assisted transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. In earlier times, it may have involved smoke signals, drums, semaphore, flags, heliograph. Nowadays it's usually used via electronic devices such as telephone, television, radio, and computer.

Areas of Impact
- Arts, Entertainment, and leisure
- Education

For entertainments :

- chatting with friends
- sharing pictures and videos
- calling friends
- TV shows
- Radio Programs

For Education :

- Homeschooling
- Easilty contactable with others (Qestions can be asked)
- Educational TV programs and Radio channels
- Online Learning Community
- Overdue assignments can be submitted via emails

Social and Ethical Issues



- Electricity
- Internet
- Presence of communicators
- Linguistic Problems


Interchangeable Unchangeable

- Wiki - Encyclopedia
- Facebook - Uploaded video clips
- Blog (comments) - Emails
- Personal information


- Valuable personal information
- Personal contents exposure

Privacy and Anonymity

- Pictures and video clips (Many other people around the world can have a look at those contents)
- Webcam chats (A person who is chatting with you can record what is being shown on his or her screen and spread it to online)
- Phone calls (Can easily be wiretapped)
- Most websites require signing up procedure with real-name (Preventing any surreptitious use of other people's names)


- Sign up
- Log in with ID and Password

Intellectual Property

- Google
- Wiki
- Encyclopedia
- Further Research
- Sharing engines (university networks, lime wire, etc)
- Homeschooling

Equality Access

- Usually equal
- Adults and Teenagers
- Some websties, themselves, have their own discrimination in terms of uses' participation to the websties
- Special requirements to be able to access particular parts of websites


- Based on server computers
- Users make up the rest
- Controlled copyrights
- Searching engines
- Confirmation of age

Globalization and Cultural Diversity

- More chances to become globalized as a person, groups, businesses, etc.
- Linguistic problems
- Misunderstanding with computer based communication due to it's limit with ways of intonation and expression
- Cultural barriers (Mind, religion, expectation, expectation, language, etc)

People and Machines

- TV, Radio, Webcams, Mobile phones, Computers, walkie-talkies
- More jobs for manufacturers

Inappropriate uses of technology


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