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This Wiki is about computer security, and the threats that all computers may encounter weather they are a home personal computer, or a work Computer. In our age, computers are becoming more common and computers are becoming more and more integrated into both our work lives and also our everyday lives. Computers are commonly used to store and record often sensitive information by large organizations and also by personal computer users and thus, it is very important that the computer users of today, are aware of the risks and dangers of computers and the net, and also that computer users know how to combat these threats or how to protect themselves from these kinds of threats. In this Wiki, i will explain several of the risks and threats that come from using computers and also i will describe many of the methods that you can protect your computer from these harmful threats.

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McAfee Computer Security Software
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Kaspersky Antivirus
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Symantec - The Makers of Norton Antivirus

Risks and Threats for PC Users

In the world of today, the internet and computers have become great ways of making money, but sometimes, this money is not made through legal means. The first computer risk i will be talking about, is hacking. Hacking is when a person breaks into peoples computers or accounts and steal information and cause problems for the user. Hackers have been known to hack into a variety of things ranging from banking accounts to gaming accounts. Hackers can be very dangerous because they can steal bank accounts and they are also able steal important confidential information.

This video is an example of a game hacker. The hacker has a hack which enables him to see other players through walls.

Another major threat that arises from using computers is the threat of malware, and other harmful software. There are many types of software on the internet that can potentially harm your computer, and I will be describing the three most common forms, Virus's, Spy Ware and Ad Ware. Spy ware is a kind of software, that is often secretly installed onto your computer without you being aware. Spy ware can often come from downloading files off the internet or transferring files from external devices. Spy ware is a way for hackers to steal information and Spy ware is often able to record the things you do, and can potentially also record important security passwords, or bank account pins. Another type of malicious software that computer users can get, is Ad ware. Ad ware is a type of software that also secretly installs itself onto your computer and this kind of software, creates pop ups and advertisements when you are using the internet.

The final malicious software type that i will talk about is Malware and this, is probably one of the most dangerous types of malicious software. Malware includes Trojan horses, and worms, and these applications often break into your system and change, delete, or damage data on computers. Malware also often has the capability to replicate itself and this causes it to spread more easily and thus this makes it more dangerous.

How To protect your computer

There are many threats and dangers of using computers and using the internet, and because of this, many anti virus and computer protection applications have been made. One of the basics things, of protecting your computer, is having an anti virus software. Anti virus programs, are able to detect, and destroy or quarantine viruses, and other dangerous threats. Another type of protection from the internet, is by using firewalls. Firewalls are applications that block access to the internet for certain programs and also restricts interactions between the user and the internet. Finally, to ensure that your important information and important online accounts such as bank accounts are not stolen, users should always ensure that they login with secure sites, and that they remember to keep their important data password protected and safe.

Issues and Areas of Impact

The issue of computer security effects many of the areas that we are studying.

Computer security is very important in Business and Employment because companies can lose a lot of money to hackers if they do not protect their financial data and important information. Companies which are not properly protected are also at risk of being attacked by malicious software which would easily spread through networks of computers and could cause companies to crash, and temporarily stop.

Computer security is important to health because hospitals often keep large digital databases of information about their patients and if this information is not properly protected, hackers could easily come in and steal harmful, or sensitive information.

Computers can also be a large issue in uducation, and schools. It is especially important for schools that are quite technologically advanced or have large networks of computers to properly protect their computers, because Malicious software can easily be spread throughout networks. An example of this was shown a few weeks ago when there was an outbreak of a computer virus which caused random closing of windows applications, throughout the school.

Computer protection is also important in politics and government since governments often are in possession of very dangerous information.If governments do not have proper protection, they could put countries at risk since, hackers could gain information about a countries military, or intelligence, and this could be dangerous information if they come to be in the hands, of a terrorist, or hostile group.

Computer security is also important in scionce and environment, because nowadays more and more scientists are using computers to store information and data, and this could cause hackers to steal; information and use other scientists discoveries for themselves.

Finally, computer security is also important in arts leisure and entertainment because, this topic is often one of the main causes of computers getting malicious software. People often receive Spy ware and Ad ware, from downloading music and video f*rom malicious websites and, viruses, such as Trojan horses and worms are often hidden as games that can be downloaded and installed.

Social and Ethical Issues

Computer security, is an extremely important topic for the modern world, and many social and ethical issues have arisen from the problem of computer security. Computer security, is an issue that can effect billions of people around the world, and major computer security issues can become global problems within days. The reason that computer security is so important, and the reason that computer viruses and hackers are so dangerous is because of how most computers in the world are connected through the internet. The internet is very important to us and while it allows us to connect with others and share things, it also allows viruses to spread faster.

Computer security today, has become a very complicated task, as every day passes, more new computer viruses are being created as more new cures, and fixes are being made to combat these threats. Computer software today, often has many flaws and the reliability of computer security software is not always perfect. Anti virus software today, has become a necessity for computers, but not all anti virus software, is able to detect or destroy all types of viruses and thus reliability is always an issue with Computer security software.

Privacy and anonymity is a big issue in the computer security area since, privacy often makes it so that hackers, or malware authors cannot be traced and caught. The anonymity of the web would allow almost anyone to release a virus onto some web page and it would be extremely hard to trace where the virus came from.

The equality of access of computer security today is quite a big issue since good anti virus software often is very expensive
and the availability throughout the world is also sometimes a problem.

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