Further developments of technology, mathematics and neurology (A study of medical science that deals with the nervous system) allowed invention of Artificial Intelligence.

Newest Technology Headlines:
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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Artificial Intelligence a.k.a AI is a computer system that
deals with helping machines find solutions to complex problems in a more human-like fashion manner such as understanding natural language, solving problems, reasoning, machine learning/self-improvement, and image analyzing.
So AI is basically an advanced robot that acts more in human like manner.
ai_movie_copy_rescale.jpgA good example of AI can be the movie "A.I." in 2001 by
Steven Spielberg
This is a movie that is set in sometime in the future and it is about a family getting a high-advanced robot that is exactly same as the real son, David because the real son has died. Through out the movie, it shows how a robot son, David is trying to adapt to the environment and learn how to solve problems and love.

What are the common use of A.I?

  • Game- Chess. The way opponent (computer) thinks and reacts in human like manners

  • Hackers

  • Military

-Areas of Impacts-

Business and Employment

The use AI can be both positive and negative effects
  • Development of AI can be new source of income for a business

  • AI will take over work/job
    • Ex. In the car factory
      Old Style Car Assembly Line
      Old Style Car Assembly Line

Modern Car Assembly Line
Modern Car Assembly Line


  • Become a Counselor
  • Can become a rescuer
    Tokyo fire station department robot

Arts, Entertainment and Leisure
  • AI is already applied to gaming
  • Can be used for orchestra

The Trumpet Robot

The Violin Robot

Science and the Environment

  • AI in the future will be helping out people just like the movie "AI"

Politics and Government

  • Replace politicians and lawyers
    The Robot Politician in the future?

Social and Ethical Areas

Operating AI robots for example in present world is not reliable yet because technology is not up to date the great ideas.