Areas Of Impact

Business and Employment

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  • Transportation: reservation systems, luggage processing, navigation, scheduling and distribution, traffic simulation, smart roads and cars, fuel efficiency and traffic safety systems
  • Employment: electronic employee monitoring, telecommuting, ergonomics and health, job obsolescence and retraining, online job search, employee surveillance
  • Banking and finance: EFT, ATMs, Internet banking and brokerage, electronic cash, insurance
  • International commerce: management of transnational corporations, business concentration
  • E-commerce: teleshopping, online marketing, data mining, spyware
  • Retailing, advertising, media. (IBO 2006)


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Education in the industrial age made assumptions that students learnt the same and would sit in rows, quietly, while the teacher provided a 'brain drop' of facts. In the information age that has all changed. Its about technological literacy, developing their own knowledge and understanding through collaboration and other methods. Technology has become an integral and dependant part of education.
  • Telelearning: isolated and remote areas; use in hospitals, prisons, retirement homes
  • Modification of hardware and software for special needs: voice recognition software, text-to speech, special input and output devices, Internet resources
  • Software in the classroom: science experiments, social studies modelling and simulation, instructional tools and media, computer-aided instruction, computer-aided learning
  • School library systems: catalogues, security systems, online research
  • Hardware in the classroom: laptops, notebooks, teleconferencing
  • Software in school administration: record keeping, scheduling, Intranets, public information
  • Training, tutorials & simulators". (IBO 2006)


  • Telemedicine: service delivery to isolated and remote areas
  • Electronic health records: privacy, data analysis, public health
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic tools: robotic surgery, prosthetic devices, diagnostic software, drug development and marketing
  • Medical advice on the Internet or a CD-ROM
  • Monitoring patients
  • IT solutions for disabled people. (IBO 2006)

Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

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  • Digital art: electronic music, interactive visual art, desktop publishing
  • Film: digital actor simulations, characters and animation
  • Live arts: digital effects, choreography, lighting, marketing
  • New media: DVD, CD, VR, stereolithography
  • Broadcast media: digital radio and television, electronic news, magazines and books
  • Toys and games: CD or online games, online gambling. (IBO 2006)

Science and the Environment

  • Modelling and simulation: digital experimentation, demographic and environmental simulation
  • Visualization: mapping
  • Data search, collection, processing and analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Data logging. (IBO 2006)

Politics and Government

  • Political process: voting and elections, lobbying, open government and free movement of information
  • Government administration: record keeping, tax collection, policy implementation
  • Legislation?: policy development, enactment, enforcement and analysis
  • Police: DNA data collection, video surveillance
  • Military: cyberwarfare, smart weapons development, espionage
  • Rebel and terrorist use of IT. (IBO 2006)


Excerpted from Information technology in a global society: guide. Cardiff Wales, UK: International Baccalaureate Organization, 2006.